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Requirements for a BA:
Classical Archaeology option

Majors will, in general, follow the guidelines given below, but each student's program is planned to meet individual interests and professional goals.

I. Required courses, 28 hours minimum:

  • AHA 1110 and AHA 1120: History of Western Art 1 and 2 (6), or GH 2111-2114 (12)
  • At least 5 courses at the 3000 level, including:
    • AHA 3210: Near Eastern and Egyptian Art and Archaeology (3)
    • AHA 3310: Greek Art and Archaeology (3)
    • AHA 3410: Roman Art and Archaeology (3)
    • AHA 3510: Early Christian and Byzantine Art and Archaeology (3)
      AHA 3520: Early Medieval Art and Archaeology (3)
    • Any 3000-level post-ancient lecture course: AHA 3520-3850 (3)
      (A third 4000-level course may be taken instead of a post-ancient course at the 3000 level.)
  • AHA 4970: Capstone in Art History and Archaeology (1)
  • At least two courses at the 4000 level, after meeting appropriate prerequisites (6).
  • One course numbered 4005 through 4840 must be taken in conjunction with AHA 4970: Capstone within the last 45 hours of study for a total of 4 hours.

II. Other courses recommended for a well-rounded degree:

  • Any course in classics, classical humanities and ancient history
  • Courses in history, anthropology, philosophy, or religious studies
  • Geology
  • Literature

III. Language requirement:

  • Study required through the reading level (i.e., 13 hours) in Greek or Latin.
    Students who plan to attend graduate school are very strongly encouraged to study French or German as well.