Departmental Resources

The department's extensive Visual Resources Center houses an expanding collection of images of art and architecture spanning from prehistoric days to modern times.

The department's Cast Gallery consists of more than one hundred plaster casts, mainly of celebrated works of Greek and Roman sculpture, but some made from works of later periods.

The University of Missouri-Columbia's Ellis Library houses extensive holdings in archaeology and art history as well as a full range of periodicals and serials.

The Museum of Art and Archaeology exhibits a broad collection of art from prehistoric times to the present. The highly regarded ancient art and archaeology collection includes sculpture, pottery and coins from ancient Egypt, the Near East, Greece and Rome. The Byzantine collection is notable for its gold and silver jewelry, many rare decorative objects and Coptic textiles. Painting, sculpture and graphic art from Europe and America represent the main movements in Western art from the 15th century to the present. An important group of South Asian artworks and other objects from China, Japan and Africa, as well as pre-Columbian works from Central and South America, highlight other world cultures.

We and the Department of Classical Studies offer opportunities for archeological excavation abroad. Please contact your advisor for more information.