Thesis and Dissertation

You must remove all copyrighted materials before submitting your thesis or dissertation to the Graduate School. In order to ensure the viability of your argument - predicated on your analysis of art and artifacts - you should retain your textual references to the works or objects within the document. At the end of your thesis or dissertation, however, you must remove the reproductions themselves and replace them with empty boxes. In addition, you must include in the image caption the requisite information about the work itself (according to the manual of style you are using) AND a reference to the book or website in which you found the reproduction. The file below provides an example of a correct format using the Chicago Manual of Style.

In addition, your advisor must sign an additional document verifying that you have removed all copyrighted material from your thesis or dissertation. An example of that document is below as well.

ARHA Thesis and Dissertation: Model Image Citation (pdf)
Advisor's Signature Page for Removed Copyrighted Material (doc)

The Graduate School offers further guidelines, information about dissertation/thesis process and links to workshops here.