Visual Resources Center

The Visual Resources Center's holdings comprise the following collections:

VireoWeb (Visual Image Retrieval Online). The Department of Art History and Archaeology creates digital images and maintains an image database for educational use by students and faculty at MU. Currently there are over 24,000 images and that number increases each semester. This collection includes art, architecture, and objects from antiquity through the present day. The collection can be found here

Instructions for using VireoWeb, (pdf). Instructions and tips can be downloaded here and are also posted with the collection.

Copyright. Collection images are available to members of the University of Missouri community for noncommercial, educational use (instruction, study, research). These uses include class assignments/projects, display on computer monitors, and classroom projection.

Lantern slide collection of approximately 10,000 lantern slides, most dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Mounted photographs. A collection of mounted photos of artworks from antiquity into the 20th century.

35mm slides. Although most of the collection of 35mm slides has been converted to images or otherwise culled, the VRC still maintains a selection of ancient Greek and Roman slides. These will be incorporated into the image collection as needed.

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